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A Real Illness With A Sense Of Unreality

It’s like having a heart attack. Your hands feel numb, your heart is racing that you have difficulty breathing, and a feeling of terror strike suddenly and repeatedly without any warning. A panic attack is almost like a violent experience. You may feel disconnected from reality. In between attacks, there is dread and anxiety that it’s going to happen again. Panic attacks are symptoms of panic disorder, a type of anxiety disorder affecting millions of adults in the U.S. today. It usually develops during the late teens […]

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Anxiety Panic Attacks and Fear

If you have ever had anxiety panic attacks in your life, you have known mortal fear. I never realized how serious an anxiety panic attack was until I had my first. I don’t know if anxiety attacks run in families, but in mine they sure do. My mother used to have them all the time. By all the time, of course, I mean once a month, but it seemed often enough. After one of her anxiety attacks, things were not the same for weeks. It could happen […]

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